Aishwarya Jaiswal

Hello! Welcome to my personal webpage.
I am an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist & Researcher residing in Varanasi (India), one of the oldest living cities in the world. When I am not writing on anything, you can find me researching it :)

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If you’re here because you are currently looking for a consultant/collaborator to work with, I encourage you to browse this site to learn more about my background and approach to research.

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“Aishwarya and I collaborated on two research projects and she delivered excellently.

As a consultant, she understood the research requirements from end to end. Aishwarya takes a robust approach in her analysis and does her homework well before concluding projects. She is very diligent in providing all the possible solutions. Her knowledge of psychometric tool construction is quite impressive. She uses various tools like SPSS, Microsft Excel, and Amos to run thorough analyses.

Even after delivering the work Aishwarya was available showing true professionalism.

Overall Aishwarya has been a great help in my research project and I look forward to working together soon.”

“My Ph.D. journey has been an incredible adventure. I value the strong bonds I have formed with academic members and research scholars. Aishwarya Jaiswal, in particular, is very bright, responsive, and generously makes time to discuss research with you. She is a statistician who is professional, punctual, and hard-working.

During my doctoral research, I sought her advice on some of the more complex areas of data analysis. Aishwarya listened to me and assisted me in identifying the analyses that were required. Her assistance with data analysis simplified the process, allowing me to speak confidently about my findings and effectively write my thesis that my research committee accepted with only minor changes. Her competence in statistical analysis enabled me to complete my doctoral studies.

I wish her continued success and would recommend her to anyone looking for help with their study.”

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