Consultancy Services

Research Consultation

Guidance and Assistance in:
∙ Formulating Research Aims/Objectives/Problems
∙ Hypotheses Construction
∙ Determining Research Methodology
∙ Research Design Conceptualization
∙ Drafting Research Proposal
∙ Determining Data Collection Methods

Statistical Analysis Consultation

Guidance and Assistance in:
• Objective-Specific Data Analysis
• Determining Appropriate Software(s)
• Interpretation and Reporting
• Higher-Order Analysis

Scale Development and Psychometric Assessment

Guidance and Assistance in:
• Item-Generation and Pilot Testing
• Determining Sampling Procedure
• Examining Data Quality
• Conducting Factorability Tests
• Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)
• A Priori Criteria-Based Evaluation
• Reporting

Scale Translation, Adaptation, and Validation

Guidance and Assistance in:
• Forward Translation*
• Backward Translation*
• Bilingual Synthesis
• Pilot Testing
• Psychometric Testing

*Preferred Source/Target Languages: English and Hindi

Manuscript Copyediting & Review

Assistance with:
• Manuscript Review
• Copyediting & Proofreading
• Formatting
• Plagiarism Detection and Reduction

Publishing Consultation

Assistance in preparing:
• Research Articles
• Scientific Papers
• Technical Reports
• Conference Abstracts
• Book Chapters
• Master’s Thesis
• Doctoral Dissertation

  • ✻ Initial Research Consultation/Discussion is Free of Charge, 15-30 minutes.
  • ✻ Charges are contingent upon the nature of work, ranging between INR 5000 and 1.2 Lac.
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